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I'm Mansi Kasar,
nice to meet you.

Engineer + Art + UX

Currently pursuing a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University.

I love UX design because it's like being a superwoman for users. I get to use my design powers to save them from confusing, frustrating & irritating experiences and make their digital lives a whole lot easier. 

I am also a matchmaker, but instead of finding love for people, I enjoy making people fall in love with digital products.

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UX design has also allowed me to constantly learn and grow as a designer and meet people from all over the world. I had the opportunity to work with people from the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, India and the United Kingdom.

Here is my recipe for my design process.

Frame 5829.png

Preheat your design oven with extensive research and information about your users

Frame 5834.png

In a bowl, mix research, empathy and define your problem and pain points

Frame 5833.png

Add cups of ideation and spice it up with creativity and design thinking

Frame 5832.png

Bake your wireframes and then turn them into prototypes

Frame 5831.png

It's taste test time,

time to user test your concoction and get feedback

Frame 5830.png

Remember this recipe as well as different iterations, and bake(design) even better next time

Outside of work.


I love, love, love traveling to & exploring new places. I have traveled to 8 states in India, 7 states in the USA, and 2 cities in Thailand, and I cannot wait to explore so much more.


Dancing, swimming, and playing basketball are my absolute favorite things to do, I get to let lose and have genuine fun


Where do I begin to talk about Coffee? Liquid gold for the brain that drives me & my creativity. Love coffee a latte.

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