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Wealth Management Dashboard

Project partially under NDA.

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Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

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Ajeet Jain,
Technical Designer(Larsen & Toubro Infotech)

Abhinav Shukla (Summer Intern)

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My Role

Intern at Larsen & Toubro

Project: ABSA, under Barclays

User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Information Architecture, High-fi visual designs, User Testing & Audit

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Figma, Illustrator, Microsoft Teams, Gmail,

Miro, Office 365

What was the Problem?

I worked for the core banking platform of ABSA Group of Banks, a subsidiary of Barclays.

  1. Resolve the high dropout rate that occurred before users started tracking their money.

  2. Research ways to improve the discoverability of important sections and CTA's within the Dashboard.

  3. Make the website more visually appealing + a stronger and more logical information architecture.

Let's meet, Shibu!


Design Process

Following a Design Process ensured that the end result was user-centered, met project goals, and led to better collaboration and more efficient decision-making.


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How might we make ABSA more trustworthy
thereby making

money management easy?


To begin,

we conducted a thorough analysis of the existing system, identifying areas where improvements could be made. We also conducted surveys, analyzed existing customer complaints, and arranged focus groups with customers like Shibu, to understand their needs and pain points.

The areas of focus were:


through statistical data, we identified critical drop points at where most users abandon task at


we analyzed and recorded the amount of time taken to discover a fundamental feature of the bank


we went through multiple customer support queries to get a more in-depth understanding

My Role & Collaboration

Throughout my internship, I worked with several customer-facing teams such as Support, Engineers, and Users, as well as teams that handle the product's backend, such as Data Analysis, to gather important data. I realized that as a User Experience Designer, I greatly benefitted by communicating effectively with both users and the other teams in the organization.

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High-fi Wireframes

Upon finalization of the problem areas, a comprehensive examination of multiple variations of the idea was conducted, ultimately leading to the integration of the most logical and effective solutions to form the completed wireframes.

So, what is the Solution?

Analogous to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs,  we designed our own version of the Hierarchy of Needs, to help us better position features that are important so they are easily discoverable.


Every person is different &
so are their needs

The power of Customization. We incorporated THE MODULAR DESIGN APPROACH.


How did we know we were solving the RIGHT PROBLEMS?

Users Said it.

We tested the new version. Recruited about 10 users and 9 of them expressed the dashboard is much easier to navigate now. The like that they have the freedom to customize it too.

Number of Clicks.

Going back to the Data Analytics team and after performing a simple audit, we found out that important features were now discoverable in 42% less number of clicks.


Drum Rolls!


increase in customer retention rate. Users felt more confident to carry out transactions.

38 secs

was saved per task. Time taken reduced as reaching a node became easier.


more transactions took place within accounts under the bank

Learnings & Reflections

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Collaboration with cross-functional teams ensured that the project was completed efficiently and effectively, and was approved by all parties involved.

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The User

Knowing your user is so important, I learned to empathize better with the pain points of the customer

because user retention is important

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Learned the importance of conducting thorough research and gathering user feedback in order to create effective solutions. I gained experience in working with cross-functional teams.

Project partially under NDA.

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